ICBC launches computerized information pilot project for new drivers.

The Insurance Corp. of B.C. is launching another pilot project that utilizes long-distance transmission of computerized information — “telematics” — to track the way new drivers behave on the road.

Results from the first telematics pilot earlier this year that focused on the technology’s usability found that over 40 per cent of participants saw improvements in their driving by using the technology, and nearly three-quarters recommended that ICBC explore its use further, particularly for inexperienced drivers.

Now ICBC will look at telematics solutions that involve a small in-vehicle device that communicates with an app installed on the driver’s cellphone.

For each trip, driving behaviours like speeding, braking patterns, and level of distracted driving are recorded and an overall score is produced. The results from the pilot will help inform whether a longer-term telematics program should be implemented for more ICBC customers.


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