For ICBC it’s a “minor injury” – but for you, it’s life- changing.

ICBC injury cap could punish victims instead of bad drivers.


Saturday, May 5th, over 200 people gathered in front of BC Minister of Citizens’ Services Jinny Sims office, to fight the BC Government’s plan to limit compensation for people injured on the road.  The government would like you to think that the term “minor injury” is just “cuts and scrapes” but recently introduced legislation says ICBC can also include life-changing injuries like chronic pain and psychological and psychiatric disorders under an injury cap.


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Why Say No To Injury Caps in BC?

  • Injury caps punish those injured in road collisions because injury caps do not take into consideration the fact that every person is unique.
  • Under a caps system, ICBC will treat each injury claim as a number. In actual fact, every person, and their individual situation is unique.  Often it is not until months or years after an accident that the true extent of pain, suffering, and/or long-term impairment is clear.
  • Injury caps disproportionately affect individuals with lower incomes. Challenging a claim under a cap system would cost much more than under the current system, resulting in a scenario where justice may be out of reach for many British Columbians.
  • Bringing in an injury cap system will only serve to harm vulnerable British Columbians while protecting bad drivers – some of whom shouldn’t even be on the road. Rather than strip away the rights of road users, we should focus on collision prevention and education so that there are fewer injuries on BC’s roads!



Lynette H. Legal Assistant at DLG, attends May 5th protest.

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